Bulldog™ PVC pipe connection, as strong as its bite!

Push-fit assembly has made PVC highly popular as pipelines for potable water, irrigation, sewerage, rain water, well casings and cable ducting. But there's a risk - they can pull apart, if the pullout force is strong enough.

The company Hultec Europe took their inspiration from the jaws of those canines that won't give up. They tested their product by hanging a fully loaded truck on it! And yet the system is comparatively lightweight.

"The Bulldog ™ system makes it possible to avoid the use of concrete thrust blocks or any other expensive external mechanical couplings," says Michel Ruffieux, manager of Hultec Europe.

That's because when standard connections are used in pressure systems, it is generally necessary to secure bends with concrete thrust blocks to avoid any accidental dismantling during the lifetime of the pipe. Not in the jaws of a Bulldog.

The Bulldog™ integrated restraint system is an innovative connection system designed to restrain PVC pipe bell joints. It consists of 3 parts:

1) A Rieber gasket made of elastomeric rubber to guarantee the pipe tightness,
2) A ductile iron casing to contain the restraint grip ring, and
3)Tthe restraint grip ring which is also made of Ductile Iron.

This system provides a perfect homogeneity between the pipe, gasket and casing, for perfect tightness and restraint at all times. The pipes are provided on the building site including the full system for simple, safe and easy insertion.

What's more, today pipes are increasingly installed without digging trenches but by pulling the pipe through a drilled hole.  For this purpose it is necessary to bring a high tensile resistance to the full pipe system with its connections. 

"Bulldog™ enables the use of PVC pipes in trenchless installations such as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), pipe bursting, pipe casing " says Mr. Ruffieux.

With sales offices located in Europe, USA, Central America, South America and Australia, Hultec can be easily contacted from any country in the world.

More information: http://www.bulldogrestraintsystem.com/