How to turn a simple watering can into a fashion statement? Ask Plastico Rototech who has years of experience exploring and developing the vast possibilities of soft PVC in juggling, sports and educational equipment. They enlisted Spanish designers CrousCalogero to beautify it while keeping it practical and functional.

The two-litre fashion accessory lets you get the watering chores done fast enough to get to your next social engagement. You may even want to bring it with you!

Tight spaces, high temperatures, corrosion – all harsh conditions FIP had in mind when they first thought of creating the Easyfit PVC ball valve. This engineering and design feat took the Industrial Design prize at the SolVin Award.

FIP - Formatura Iniezione Polimeri – found the perfect synthesis for ball valve functionality requirements. Easyfit’s patented valve design is based on the principle of the bevel gear pair. That makes it possible to control the union nuts’ rotation by means of a multifunctional valve handle.

It’s far and away from the aluminum façade craze of the 1950s in America, portrayed by the comedy film “Tin Men” with Danny de Vito playing a salesman using every trick in the book. For today’s far more demanding and knowledgeable customers, Germany’s Vinylit has successfully devised vinyTherm: a rear-ventilated façade combining PVC and natural stone.

“The most conspicuous thing about vinyTherm is its inconspicuousness, says its developer, Mr Buchfeldt.

It can ruin your whole day… or longer if your plumber’s busy. A blocked sink can paralyse a home, unless of course you’re skilled at DIY.

You roll up your sleeves, take your toolbox and start to work, dismantling the siphon, flushing out whatever’s blocking the pipes. Then you try to reassemble it all, hoping you will not end up with spare parts in your hand. Belgium company, LML Pipes, decided there’s got to be a better way to unblock a sink.

“We started with a simple thought: How can we improve the functionality of a siphon?” says Jos Mertens, LML’s chief design engineer.

How do you keep out the roar of a stadium crowd, preserve the productive silence of an office or the pin-drop tranquility of a recording studio and still give architects maximum flexibility? The answer is Germany's Mehler Texnologies’ Sound Absorption project using PVC-coated textiles to keep the noise under control.

He’s designed flashy album covers for artists ranging from Scorpions to Heather Nova and Patricia Kaas. One day, Thomas Sassenbach got fed up seeing the endless succession of ugly garage doors while driving around his former hometown Cologne and decided to do something about it: turn them into large size 3D-looking billboards made using tough PVC tarpaulins!

They were always mousy gray, even outside well-kept homes that seemed to be crying out for help,” says Sassenbach. “So why not add a bit of rock’n’roll?

Did you know that power lines kill about 0.5% of the bird population in France every year and that a PVC helix on the cables can help to protect them?

Thanks to a new PVC compound developed by Solvay Benvic Iberica, it’s possible to produce a helical profile that can be attached easily to mid-tension lines. The bright colors of the helix work as visual alarms for the birds which will likely avoid the cables and safely continue their way.
Even a relatively limited number of helixes can be efficient if they are placed on the main migration routes.

How to apply car technology to furniture? Auto parts giant Impex used its expertise in comfort and automotive accessories to strike out on a new path: transportable PVC furniture.

The idea was born from a brainstorming session among the marketing team, indicates Geoffroy Simon, the company’s marketing manager.

French-based Nicoll has reinvented the rainwater gutter using PVC with a lot of clever twists. Called Vodalis, it is  innovative enough to have won two design awards. When tested, it has proven its toughness even in extreme weather conditions.

The design has a patented shape with an anti-droplet device to protect the wall of the gutter from dirt and marking. The gutter has a slim edge for better aesthetics, and pipe clips are concealed thanks to their rear installation, with no visible screws.

If a fence to you is just a fence, don’t read on. If a fence is an extension of you and your home’s personality, look closer at what France’s Océplast has been up to.

A fence doesn’t have to be a barrier to your creativity, not if Océwood enters into it. In contrast to the common wood or wire mesh, this is a PVC and wood composite with a thermo-lacquered aluminium finishing strip, tongue and groove.